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Skiworx Shop Services

Skiworx Watercraft Performance also provides full shop services. We offer pro engine assembly, boring & honing, porting, cylinder head cutting and many other services. We use state-of-the-art tools and equipment. We are a full service shop, we install all the products you will find on this site, plus we can handle your regular maintenance needs. Below you will find a list of just some of the services we provide. Before sending any parts please click here .


Shop labor, Installs and Maintenance  

Engine Replacement
Impeller Installs
Welding of Aluminum (Priced Per Job)
Oil Change (4-Stroke) $205.00
Tune Ups (2-Stroke) $95.00
Hourly Labor $95.00

Cylinder Boring, Honing and Decking  

Single cylinder boring service
Twin & Triple cylinder boring service
Cylinder re-sleeve service Single to Triple cylinders
Cylinder re-Nikasil Service (Exchange)
Cylinder Nikasil Honing Service
Cylinder Decking Service

Pro Engine Assembly

Kawasaki 1200 (Many Options)
Sea-Doo 787-951
Sea-Doo 580-720
Yamaha 500-760
Yamaha 800-1100-1200-1200PV
Most 4-Srtokes

Pro Engine Porting

Kawasaki 1200 Cylinder-Case-Exhaust
Most Twin & triple Cylinders
Most Twin & triple Cases
4-Stroke Cylinder Heads
4-Stroke Exhaust
Extrude Hone

Pro Jet Pump Assembly

Kawasaki Ultra 150 Mixed Flow Pump
Kawasaki Ultra 150 Impeller Re-Pitching
Kawasaki STX-R Axil Flow Pump
Pump Porting Service
Bearing & Seal Installs
Skat-Trak Mag Pump Shoe Honing

CNC Milling

CNC Billet Cylinder Heads
CNC Billet Intakes
CNC Billet Reed Spacers
CNC Kawi. 1200 Water Logs
CNC Billet head Brackets

Lathe Cutting

Cylinder Heads & Squish Cut
Piston Tops (Flat Tops)
Pump Shoes (For Mag Pumps)

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