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SXR 800 Pro Series Head

Pro Series SXR 800 Kawasaki heads are cast aluminum with an internal gusseting design that adds strength so the head will not lift under compression. Sure Seal O ring combustion chambers and silicon sealed water jacketing eliminates blown head gaskets.


JSU Billet Head

Bolt on the new JSU billet cylinder head for unbelievable power gains. Big gains in both acceleration and throttle response. The lid and body are maunfactured from 6061-T6 aluminum and anodized with our special titanium corrosion protection coating.



The Monster is everything you've ever wanted in a Reed Valve. This valve is the door to power, open the door and unleash the Monster in your engine. New from R&D with over a decade of development the low lift, high flow sixteen port Monster M-16 power valve advances reed technology into the 21st century.


SXR 800 Inline Intake Manifold

The new SXR 800 Mikuni Super BN 46mm Intake Manifold/Carb Plate is built with 120mm carb centers (exact engine centers) and designed to match the OEM Reed Valve with R&D Stuffers (Pt. # 271-75000).


SXR 800 Dominator M-16 Sidedraft Manifold Kit

A new and industry first for the Kawasaki SXR 800 is the innovative R&D Dominator M-16 Sidedraft Intake Manifold System! Four to six peak horsepower gains on limited’s and eight to ten peak horsepower gains on superstocks!


SXR 800 Timing Kit

The R&D SXR 800 timing kit produces a substantial performance gain with the OEM ignition system. By relocating the pickup trigger on the ignition cover a full six degrees of ignition timing is available. Initial ignition timing from 0-2000rpm boosted from 14 degrees to 20 degrees, mid 3000-5000rpm from 20 to 26 degrees and overall 6500rpm + from 12 to 18 degrees. Easy installation.


SXR 800 Reed Valve Spacer Kit

The Skiworx Reed Valve Spacer Kit will relocate the reed valves to a longer intake track and add to crankcase volume! The combination of a longer intake track and added crankcase volume will add a significant boost in Low-end acceleration!


SXR 800 Reed Stuffers

The R&D Reed Stuffers for the Kawasaki stand up have been relied on over the past decade to deliver stronger power. This stuffer is designed to drop into the OEM reed valve and create a blue printed match between the OEM manifold and reed valve.


Tau Ceti Flame Arrestor

Multi-Fit 4" round x 2"or 3" tall. Tau Ceti's new Pro Series II Flame Arrestors are constructed from top-quality materials such as aircraft grade aluminum, stainless steel, and a superior quality rubber base.


Racing Fuel Pickup - Dual - Kaw SX,SXi,SXi-Pro,SXR

Bulletproof design allows for ultimate fuel flow for thirsty dual carbs. An absolute necessity for racers running aftermarket carbs. All billet and aluminum construction -- No flimsy plastic hose, or thread-in fittings.


SXR 800 Exhaust Power Sleeve

The new R&D billet aluminum Exhaust Power Sleeve is designed to insert into the stinger of the stock exhaust to reduce the singer size thereby increasing back pressure. This is a simple installation that will increase top speed and add 100 RPM.


Hood Baffle Insert for Factory Pip

Use this composite drop in baffle insert to cover the area removed during install of the Factory Pipe for the SXR. This is the same insert used by the Factory Kawasaki Race Team in 2003


SXR 800 Digital CDI-R

Blowsion digital CDI-R fits Kawasaki Models SXR 800, and all years JS750SXi, Sxi PRO, X4, and Xi. Spank the surf or competition this summer with an edge that cannot be beat. An incredible increase in power throughout the powerband.

Coated Stainless Steel Base Gasket
Yamaha/Polaris/Kawasaki Standard Handpole - Clear
SXR Handlepole Kit

SXR 800 aluminum handlepole conversion by Blowsion

Each complete kit includes a black powder coated UMI aluminum pole in standard length or -2 inches, Blowsion pole bushings, sealed bearing steering kit with your choice of Blowsion standard length or shortened KAWASAKI turnplate, all Blowsion mounting hardware and brackets, Blowsion carbon chin pad in your choice of Kawi Green/Black, Black/Silver or Black/White and a JSU Racing billet spring tensioner to lighten the pole weight for the finished touch. Explicit and detailed instructions also included. NOTE: Due to our various turn plate and pole length options for our customers as far as each individual riders height and weight, please feel free to call or e-mail for length recommendations. NOTE: All conversion kits parts also available seperately if you are assembling your own pole kit.

Handle Bars- 4 Degree With Crossbar

ODI-Handle Bar Grip Complete Starter Kit

The ROGUE 130mm (no flange) handlebar grips from ODI feature a solid design with a soft rubber shell for maximum traction and comfort. Anodized Clear Locking collars on both sides of the grips keep them securely in place.

R&D SXR 800 Pro Series Ride Plate
The new R&D SXR 800 Pro Series Ride Plate has a lower plaining surface, improved rear contour shape and an optional bottom hole pattern that can be utilized along with the existing rectangular slot for added traction.

SXR 800 Aquavein Stealth Pro Series - Scoop Grate
The new R&D Stealth Series Aquavein for the Kawasaki SXR 800 introduces a three-wing design with a deeper center rear pickup (full 12mm) and a new 20% wider design to the rear side pickups.


SXR Skat Trak Scoop Grate

Intake Grate - Skat Trak Stainless - Kawasaki SXR 800. Use only the best. New cut back model now available for 2005

SXR 800 Pro Super Stock Pump Cone
R&D Afterburner Pump Cone Kit
The original and most superior design available. Adjustable thrust! Transform your O.E.M Kawasaki SXR 800 Pump into a high performing large hub, high pressure axial flow design inexpensively. Now limited class legal for 2005 World Finals and on.

Side Rail Moldings
Gain the secret Pro racers edge. Get rid of those ill-fitting OEM side moldings that scrub speed and cause poor under the rail water flow during racing conditions. These are the same 1.75 inch wide moldings used by the Kawasaki Racing Team.


Tubbie Sponsons

New Kawasaki 800SXR rear sponson

Manufactured from 6061-T6 Aluminum and anodized for corrosion protection. Supplied with all stainless steel hardware needed for installation. Designed to be a direct bolt on part. This sponson was designed to help with cornering stability and does not allow the boat to slide through he corners.

Hood Latch- Billet
SXR Billet Exhaust Nozzle
This is one bad ass nozzle to go with Kawi's new bad ass SXR. Function and fit are Blowsion perfect. Vanity rules on this beauty. Available in anodized clear, green or red

KAWASAKI Billet Fuel Cap
Kawasaki SXR 800, 750 SX and SXI Pro, and all models all years KAWI sitdown and standup - Blowsion Billet.


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