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Skiworx "Level 1"

Our "Level 1" is perfect for someone who wants to start out small. This kit does require that you remove some of your parts and send them to us for modding. This kit when installed properly can give gains of anywhere form 3-5 MPH and a lot of acceleration. We will need your Carbs, exhaust stinger and pump. The mods will include our CV carb mod, the Skiworx Stinger mod and a Skat Trak 14-24R impeller. The kit will also include 42 CC cylinder heads.*

*Our billet heads are available @ an additional cost.

  • Skiworx CV Carb Mod
  • Skiworx Stinger Mod
  • Aftermarket Heads (42CC)
  • Skat-Trak 14/24 R

Note: This is a pump gas kit. Before sending any parts please click here .


Skiworx "Level 1.5"

Includes everything from our "Level 1" plus we use flat top pistons with our custom domes. This kit will add even more acceleration and some top speed. We also recommend our Skiworx "Stealth" exhaust mod with this kit.

  • Level 1
  • Custom Flat Top Pistons
  • Flat Top Domes
  • All Gaskets as Necessary

Note: This kit does require different mods to the CV carbs then the "Level 1" does. The intake manifold must be modified also.

Note: This kit can be ordered as Pump or Race gas. Before sending any parts please click here .

Skiworx "Level 1 to 1.5" Upgrade W/ Domes
Skiworx "Level 1 to 1.5" Upgrade milling your heads.

Skiworx "Level 1.5"& "Level 2" Complete Piston Kit

Includes everything needled to do a complete top end for a "level 1.5" or "Level 2"


Skiworx "Level 1.5"& "Level 2" Single Piston Kit

Skiworx "Level 2"

Includes everything from our "Level 1" plus flat top piston with all gaskets, cylinder decking and spacer plates for under the cylinder. This kit will change your port timing. We do not recommend this kit unless you are using aftermarket carbs, "Stealth" exhaust or triple pipes!

  • Level 1
  • Custom Flat Top Pistons
  • Cylinders Decked
  • Base Gasket Spacers
  • All Gaskets as Necessary

Note: This kit can be ordered as Pump or Race gas. Before sending any parts please click here .

Skiworx "Level 1 to 2" Upgrade W/ Domes
Skiworx "Level 1 to 2" Upgrade Milling Your Heads

Skiworx Triple Pisser Kit

To fix a Kawasaki blunder we designed a water bypass kit that will allow the rider to watch the cooling bypass of all three of their cylinders. From the factory Kawasaki only installed one in the front and the rest in the rear (where no one can see). Our kit not only relocates them all to the front, but it includes new head fittings that are straight not 90 degrees which can clog up. This is a must have for any Kawasaki 1200!

Note: This is a complete kit we have taken the guess work out of it. Remember the head fitting MUST have the correct ID or the craft will go into limp mode for an over heat condition.


Skiworx Stinger Exhaust Mod

The Skiworx Stinger mod will help your STX-R accelerate much quicker. This mod is simple to install. It does require you to remove your stinger and send it to us for the modification. The modded stinger section will be sent back along with a complete kit and detailed install instructions

Note: Before sending any parts please click here .


Skiworx "Stealth"Complete Exhaust Mod

The Skiworx "Stealth" mod includes a complete modification to your entire exhaust system (manifold, chamber and stinger). Also included in this package is our famous Skiworx Stinger Mod.

Note: If you already have our Stinger mod we can upgrade your system. Please call for price. Before sending any parts please click here .


Skiworx CV Carb Mod

Our exclusive Skiworx CV carb mod is the real secret to making power with the Kawasaki 1200. Over the years many have tried to use aftermarket flame arrestors with CV carbs and have seen disastrous results. With this CV carb mod you will now be safe to use PROK (modded by us) FA's. You will need to send us your carbs and stock flame arrestor for this mod. If PROKS will be used we will not need your stock FA.

Note: We do not sell any parts for this mod outright. We also don't recommend this mod unless the compression has been raised. Before sending any parts please click here .


PROK CV Flame Arrestor With Skiworx Mod

These are the only flame arrestors we recommend to use with the CV carbs. We mod them to work correctly.

Fuel Primer Kit

Tau-Ceti Flame Arrestor

Tau Ceti's Pro Series Flame Arrestors are constructed from top quality materials such as carbon fiber, stainless steel, and a superior quality rubber base. This Flame Arrestor is designed with both duration and superior performance in mind

Note: Not recommended for CV carbs. .


Complete Kawasaki 1200 Top End Kit

WSM complete top end Kit. We use WSM top end kitsparts in our rebuilds and we recommend them to our customers. Kkits include pistons, rings, pins, cir clips base and head gaskets, and top end bearings.

Note: We use these pistons in our flat top kits.


Skiworx Kawasaki 1200 Flat Top Piston

Our WSM flat top piston when used with our domes will add great acceleration to you ski. Includes piston, rings, pin, and cir clips. Must use with our custom dome. We can also mill cast heads to match.



We use the R impeller in our Level 1's and 1.5's. This impeller will also work with triple pipes.



The non R is best suited for stock to slightly modded crafts.


Solas Concord 13/19 Impeller

This impeller is a great choice for stock class racing crafts. It works well also with stock rec. boats as well.


WORX Sponsons

Fitting WORX sponsons to your PWC is like fitting extra wide tires to your road car. Unbelievable cornering, better control in the rough and predictable inline tracking while towing wake boards or water skiers. WORX sponsons are easy to fit, look great and bolt right into stock mounting holes.


UMI Throttle Trigger

(Black or Polished Only)

Skat-Trak Steering Cable


We carry many parts for the STX-R, if you don't see what you need Please contact us.

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